About ReMoni

This is what we do

In order for you to save valuable resources, energy, and money, our engineers created one of the world's most advanced technologies, combined the hardware with complex artificial intelligence and placed it in a small black box to monitor technical installations

ReMoni was born from projects carrying out continuous measurements of resource usage in technical installations. From the projects, it became clear that technical devices such as pumps, motors, ventilation aggregates, pipes, production units, heaters, and coolers were wasting a high and unexpected amount of energy. To reduce waste, a running overview of the network of cables and pipes that feeds the technical devices was necessary. Something, that proved to be challenging. Typically, a professional building easily covers more than 25 devices relevant to monitor, but the costs of sensors, encapsulation, and installation technicians easily exceeded 25.000 €. Moreover, the conventional systems are difficult to fit in.

The need for smarter monitoring gave rise to ReMoni, a flexible and much simpler monitoring system with a significantly lower cost.

This is who we are

ReMoni was built by a small group of energy-saving-enthusiasts, who wanted to solve a problem. Bo Eskerod Madsen, the inventor, and founder of ReMoni knew, that it had to be easier and cheaper for businesses, public and private sectors, households, and companies to monitor technical installations in order to save money and resources. From his garage in the little scenic town Østbirk, in the middle of Jutland, Denmark, he gathered a small team of dedicated engineers and software developers. Together, they came up with the solution for resource waste in technical installations.

That was back in 2014. Since the establishment of ReMoni, the company has continued to grow thanks to funding and investors across borders.

Today ReMoni consists of 20 energy-saving-nerds and with over 20 granted patents ReMoni continues to expand and develop, making resource monitoring a part of the solution to energy waste worldwide. Municipalities, energy companies, and private businesses - in Denmark and abroad - are already devoted to ReMoni’s solutions for reducing waste of our resources.

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Mission and core values

Our mission is to develop novel technology for easy and low-cost surveillance of technical installations in buildings and production – to help to obtain a sustainable living.

The environmental goal is to play our part in delivering the huge savings obtained by close monitoring of technical installations. If we can add to all the good efforts made, to reduce our waste of energy and production in a circular economy, we will be proud.

Transparency and fairness are core values for us - we believe that decent, fair and anti-corrupt relations pay off in the long run.